Sample Question + Answer (3)


Based on the novel that I have studied, Captain Nobody written by Dean Pitchford, the character I find admirable is Captain Nobody which is also the main character, Newton Newman. He is a ten-year-old-boy who has a brother named Chris who is also a famous football star. Newton goes to Appleton Elementary with his best friends, Cecil and JJ.

The reason why Captain Nobody is admirable because he is a courageous person. This is shown when Captain Nobody helps Cecil get the big bass drum from the top of a dumpster. This event happens after school when Newt receives a message from Cecil through a walkie talkie. Newt is afraid of heights. So, he suggests Cecil should be the one who climb the dumpster. After Cecil makes it clear that the job is meant for the fearless Captain Nobody, Newt changes his mind. Without any hesitation, Newt climbed the dumpster to fulfill Cecil’s dream to own the first drum. Newt carefully passes the drum to his sidekick, Cecil who is waiting with open arms on the ground. He also overcomes his fear of heights called acrophobia and as a result for his action, Cecil gets to have the big bass drum. As a friend, we must help our friend in need as the saying goes “a friend in need is a friend in deed”. Without courage, a person will not be able to help others and also themselves. It is clear that starting from courage, love exists and we will not hesitate to help others. At the end of the day, bigger result is also achieved. That is why Captain Nobody is an admirable character. [O: Opinion J: Justify]

Next, Newton is always admirable because he likes to tell the truth even by doing so will cost his life. This can be seen in the event of saving Reggie from the top of the Appleton water tower. The incident starts when the news is reporting that Reggie is going to jump from the tower as he is too depressed with people condemning his act during the Big Tackle. Newton who happens to watch the news shown in the teacher’s lounge feels dutiful to explain the truth that lies behind the Big Tackle incident. Together with his friends, Cecil and JJ, they sneak out from school and head for the water tower. At the water tower, Newton bravely climbs the rung although the condition of the tower is not that promising. He overcomes his own fear just to reach Reggie so that he can explain the truth to Reggie. Although he eventually knows Reggie’s real intention of climbing the tower, he does not overreact but he continues to slither on the water tank to untie Reggie’s shoelace. In my opinion, this event shows that in order for us to explain the truth to someone or to the public, we must give our best no matter what the consequences will be. Based on the event, it is clear why Newton is an admirable character because he manages to show a lot of courage and endure a near death experience just to tell the truth to someone he barely knows. [O: Opinion J:Justify]

In conclusion, Newton Newman is admirable because he has the courage to help his best friends when they are in need. Apart from that, he is willing to risk himself so that other people’s life will not be affected. Newton proves that without courage, life is meaningless.

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